Playing in the COLD!


As you can see its a little cold here in Charleston.  Days like this mean that most people wont be out at the course, and who can blame them.  But if you do brave the cold here are a few suggestions:

  • Consider walking instead of riding.  Getting the blood moving and not sitting still will keep you warm and ready to swing.
  • Make lots of practice swings.  A lot of times when you are cold you lose the feel of the motion you are trying to make.  Making a bunch of swings will also get the blood moving a little bit and will give you the feeling of what you are trying to do.
  • Get some hand warmers and keep your fingers warm.  Thats where all your feel comes from around the green.
  • Try to keep your golf ball warm in your pocket between holes.  A warm ball will compress much more than a cold ball.  The more compression you have the more loft and speed you will have.  You might want to even consider playing a softer ball on days that are especially cold.
  • Play more club.  For the same reasons, the ball flies further when its warmer.  It can be around a 2 yards difference for every 10 degrees.  So if you play in the summer at 90 degrees and in the winter when its 40 degrees you would see a 10 yard difference in the distance you hit each club.

Get out and have fun!  Don’t let the cold keep you away from the game.  Layer up the clothes and go enjoy the round.


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